Say goodbye to unwanted BUGS!

BugSucka is a bug catcher that uses your own vacuum to easily suck up & trap unwanted bugs in a disposable pod for a quick and clean disposal

Take back your home in 3 easy steps

1. Load
2. Suck
3. Dispose

Load BugSucka with one of our disposable pods

Our innovative pods are specially designed to trap bugs and keep them out of your vacuum

Attach the BugSucka to your own vacuum with included universal adapter...then just point & suck!

Using the BugSucka is a fast and simple solution to instantly suck up & trap unwanted bugs! No more chasing bugs around the house, BugSucka will trap them the 1st time, every time.

Eject the disposable pod with trapped bug for a clean and hygienic disposal

Our disposable pods are made from a paper-based material that can be thrown in the trash or flushed down the toilet, leaving no mess behind

Note: Pictured vacuum not included

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