BugSucka FAQ

What is a BugSucka?

BugSucka is a vacuum attachment that allows you to use your own vacuum to suck up and trap unwanted bugs (e.g. spiders, stink bugs, silverfish) in a disposable pod that can be quickly and cleanly discarded (e.g. in the garbage/toilet or chuck it at any annoying neighbors!)

What can I suck?

BugSucka was designed to suck up unwanted bugs…but since you’re using your own super powerful vacuum, you can just about suck up anything that’ll fit a dime-sized hole.

Can kids use a Bugsucka?

The Bugsucka is safe for kids of all ages! With opposable thumbs and a little coordination, your kids will become a bug sucking pro.

Can I re-use the pods?

BugSucka pods were designed for a single use to avoid any unsanitary conditions. We're not judging though if you want to re-use them in a pinch.

What do I do with the bugs once they’ve been sucked?

Whatever you want! The disposable pod is made from a paper-material so there's a variety of ways to dispose of it. You can trash it, flush it, compost it, or even catch & release.

Does the BugSucka terminate the life of all sucka’d bugs?

Not at all! It’s not the purpose of the BugSucka, or we would have named it the BugKilla. If you wish to catch & release, simply eject the pod outside (or somewhere out of the way) and have a spouse/friend/neighbor (preferably someone not afraid of bugs) cut open the pod later. Our pods are designed so the bug will remain trapped until help arrives.

What vacuum can I use the BugSucka with?

The BugSucka will come with a universal adapter that will fit most standard, round nozzle vacuums. We'll be sure to have a confirmed list of compatible vacuums available at launch.

If you have additional questions, please let us know!